More Chester info and some websites based in Chester

This pages is dedicated to providing a little more information on Chester and to list some of the best websites which are based in Chester.

Chester Web and Graphic Design

Webcreationz provide a range of web and graphic design services, including, logo design, letterhead design, business card design, stationery design, website design and much more.

Sport in Chester

Runcorn FC or The Linnets is the local football team of Chester.

Runcorn Golf Club is our local golf club based in Clifton Road, Chester.

Local Government and Education in Chester

Halton Council is the local council for Chester. You can find lots more local info on their website.

Widnes and Runcorn Sixth Form College is the local sixth form and adult education college which until recently was based exclusively in Widnes, but now has a brand new Campus in Chester.

Halton College is the local College in Runcorn and Widnes.

New Mersey Crossing a website dedicated to the promotion of a new bridge across the River Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes. If you don't know the area, Runcorn and Widnes are famous for the bridges linking the two towns, which now include a great old railway bridge, and a 1960s road bridge which although it has been much improved over the years, has reached it's traffic limit and on many days is the cause of severe traffic jams (especially when roadworks are on). The new site is promoting the building of a state of the art bridge to take the pressure of the old lady. For complete information, Runcorn and Widnes used to have an old Transporter bridge linking the two towns, which was demolished after the current road bridge was opened.